måndag 17 december 2012

25 years old

I turned 25 years old a few days ago!
Not that I care...BUT it makes me grasp everything I have achieved so far at such young age, it feels a bit unreal.
However when you have created so much output in such a short time, you sort of get addicted by the speed that you want more. Like a drug.

But thankfully I'm aware of my greediness so I can mitigate it by myself, trying to!

Can't believe how much I have travelled this year, must have set a personal record...
Time to take a paus and grasp everything I have done and show appreciation for it, but how do I show appreciation except for awareness?

- China
- Japan
- Switzerland
- Italy
- Monaco
- France
- Germany
- U.S.A

going to the States again in a few days!!! See you there!!!

onsdag 28 november 2012

Bling it on rocks

Can't wait to try this nailpolish on!!! I bought it from Sephora 25USD!
Can't wait to wear them for New Years Eve to celebrate the upcoming 2013 in New York City.
Any tips of where to go if it's just me and my boyfriend?

Also hotels in NYC for NYE is extremely expensive... :-(
I would totally be satisfied if I could stay at a nice hotel room with a nice view and just drink champagne and look pretty. Unfortunately all the small rooms at the Standard Hotel are totally sold out :-(


Apparently Gwen Stefani wore this for the MTV Awards, hehe

måndag 26 november 2012

Shopping in the USA

USA made me become a shopping freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first day in Philadelphia was spent on Walnut Street with all the fancy shops such as Intermix, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, etc. The best thing is that most shops have some sort of campaigns, like buy 100USD, get 20% off or something like that which is amazing (because I hate to pay full-price for things, lol).

I managed to buy;
- a mint green cashmere cardigan from J Crew
- a beautiful blue glittery bracelet from J Crew that I plan to wear for New Years Eve!
- a formal office blazer at Banana Republic that fits me perfectly!
- tons of Sephora makeup (Philosophy, Ole Henriksen, Lancome, Nailpolishes, Laura Mercier, makeup is SO MUCH cheaper in the US compared to Sweden)
- a Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater at Bergdorf Goodman's, I love that department store, soooo elegant and classy, the shop assistants are not as snobby compared to Barneys
- Tory Burch blazer and jacket (love the design, but a bit suspicious of the quality)
- LOTS OF SNACKS (Nature Valley, Reeses peanut butter chips, cookie mix, etc.)

The sad thing is that shopping is addictive, when you start you can not stop, not even when I came back to Stockholm. I have been sitting in front of my laptop every single evening browsing all US-based webshops ending up buying even more stuff that I did not plan to such as;

- More makeup during Black Friday (bodyshop, Laura Mercier, etc.)
- the cutest UGG earmuffs
- Parajumpers Long Bear jacket (on sale!!!)

Still looking at things to buy.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you can see some of the shopping bags in the background.

måndag 5 november 2012

I'm in the States!

Sorry for not blogging anything lately...I don't even know if there are any readers out there waiting my blog posts desperately, if yes, let me know and I will try to blog a bit more often hehe.

During the past days I have been thinking to preserve my wonderful memories in this blog so that I can always come back in the future and be proud of all my wonderful experiences that I have gained. At such a young age and I have already gained so much wonderful experiences, sometimes it is even hard to imagine. My appreciation of my at-the-moment-wonderful-life should be reflected in how I treat other people in my environment. By being caring and generous to people around me is very important to me in order to for me to feel that I'm giving back, but also it makes me feel like a good person!

I refuse to let things get on top of me and make me a snotty person!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if I feel so spoiled right now, sometimes I even feel that I don't really deserve it, that's why I need to find ways to give it back to the people around me. Especially, to my mum!!! However, giving back to her means that I won't shop so much when I'm here in the US (which is extremeeeeeeeeeeely difficult because I LOVE the shops here!!!!!!!!)

I'm so happy to be here in Philly (first time here) and visit my boyfriend who works here temporarily! It's fantastic to recognize all the food brands that I craved about when I lived outside Detroit six years ago. 20 different selections of Ben & Jerry's icecream, or my favourite chewy cookie brand, mac & cheese, etc.

Everything is fantastic!! Now I'm going to have some breakfast in the hotelroom with pentry where we live, then take a shopping stroll when the shops has opened, still 2 hours left....then I'm going to have lunch with my bf at the Reading Terminal Market where I hope to see some Amish people :-)
See you later

torsdag 26 juli 2012

Summary of my Summer trip

So we went to Lausanne, an area named Lavaux which is the wine district. We stayed with my boyfriends dads family and it was a great pleasure to enjoy Lake Geneva from above (a hillside villa overlooking Lake Geneva and the wine district), such an amazing view!
We took off to nearby places such as Ouchy and Montraux(if I'm spelling it right, not good at french hehe). Switzerland really impressed me, such a beautiful country it is!

Day 3 we left Lausanne behind to begin our roadtrip journey, our plan was to drive to Champery (Swiss ski resort close to France), Italy (Serravalle outlet and Portofino area), Monaco, onwards to France (Nice and Cannes). Our partner in crime - a Porsche Cayenne S, such a fancy car but so big. Sometimes it was very difficult to find parking lot due to the size of the car, and do not talk about the car on tiny small mountain roads, I was so scared...

My favourite was Cannes, so beautiful environment and fantastic shopping!

But we had a wonderful journey and I would do it over again if I can. However, I must say that Italian riviera is not too price-worthy, it is even cheaper on the French riviera such as Cannes. I was chocked with the prices...what about 6€ for a small watermelon juice? But alcohol was cheap..surprise?

måndag 16 juli 2012

Summer trip 2012

Hello guys! Now I'm finally back in Stockholm! I was away for approximately 10 days and my route looked like the following Lausanne (Grandvaux) - cities nearby such as Ouchy and Montreaux - Rapallo/Portofino/Santa Margeritha - Monaco - Nice - Cannes - back to Lausanne.

Fantastic time!!More details of the trip will come. Want to remember this fantastic trip forever!!!